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‘Help I’m a Celebrity, Stop Drawing Me’   Andrew Mead

24th August – 2nd September


Andrew Mead drew a celebrity portrait every day for one year to raise money for Hospice in the Weald in recognition of the care they gave to his late wife, Lucy.
Do come into the Gallery and see this epic tribute to Lucy where all Andrew’s 365 drawings will be shown together for the first time.
Some drawings were commissioned and others will be available for sale via a silent auction.

              Ian Hislop   Tina Turner  Lady Gaga

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Andrew posts his daily drawings on Facebook. He completed his tribute on Saturday July 22nd, his late wife Lucy’s birthday.


Kent Live “Why a Sevenoaks widower is drawing 365 celebrities in 365 days. http://www.kentlive.news/the-touching-reason-why-a-sevenoaks-widower-is-drawing-365-celebrities-in-365-days/story-30307583-detail/story.html


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‘HARD LINES’   David Minton 

4th – 17th September


Ros edited to 5th Sept


‘Rubbing, smoothing, fixing.

My eye touches, is touched.

Edges meet.

Space twists, like feelings.

Line clings to the surface.

Skin results.

My skin results.


            David Minton August 2017
White Cube

‘White Cube’ Graphite powder and pigment on paper 67 x 47 cm

Meet the artist event Saturday 9th September 10 – 1 pm