Future Exhibitions

                              BLURRED BOUNDARIES    

1st – 11th November

Annual Members Exhibition 2017

Fleur Alston, Judith Balchin, Margaret Barrett, Sue Batt, Suzannah Saffron, Sharon Van Diepen, Elizabeth Dudley, Jenny Fairweather, Ali Farmer, Christina France, Shirley-Anne Galbraith, Mark Hayfield, Debbie Humm, Sarah Jones, Asli Shehi, Catherine Sibley, Linda Simon, Angela stocker, Susan Vass, Angela Wooi.



 14th – 24th November

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‘Making  my mark’

 Kent county Council’s Specialist Fostering Team supports children and young people with disabilities, alongside their foster and Short Break families throughout Kent. Thoughts and feelings about their lives and experiences can often go unnoticed or unheard so we invited these children and young people, as well as their foster and Short Break families, to make their mark on plain white canvas.

 The result is an exhibition of very different and contrasting images that capture their voices in a variety of different ways.  It is uplifting, heart-warming, touching and very personal to all those who have contributed to date and continues to be built on as new canvases come in.

 It reminds us that they are all individuals in their own right and when they come together they shine with a shared sense of belonging and positive self-worth.

 This exhibition will travel round Kent exhibiting at Folkestone Quarter House, Gravesend, Sheerness Library, Canterbury, Sessions House Gallery Maidstone and Thanet (Dates to be confirmed.

Kent Fostering with Kent County Council


Deborah Ravetz  27th November – 9th December



Deborah Ravetz writes…

‘I work as a ​​painter, a writer, lecturer and practitioner of Social Sculpture. Last year I published a book called The Art of Being Human, in which these strands come together in synthesis. This event will concentrate on my social sculpture project, ‘The Search for the Deep Self’.

Issues of individuality and freedom will be explored. Joseph Beuys coined the phrase Social Sculpture because he wanted to widen the remit of art to include much more than objects. He famously said that everyone was an artist.   What he meant was that in each one of us there is the capacity to re-imagine the world. In this event these concepts will become concrete’.