Future Exhibitions

 The Gallery has a full programe of exhibitions and events booked up to January 2019.


26th September – 6th October

Bianca Barandun | Heidi Maribut | Liz Wilson


Call me Bitter is a group exhibition by Bianca Barandun, Liz Wilson and Heidi Maribut examining conditions of hierarchy in group behaviour, social and political structures and the mechanics of production. Through various media and concerns the work reflect upon themes of classification and how the relative status of entities echoes through the construction of society.

www.bianca-barandun.com                www.heidimaribut.com         www.lizwilson.work

Event: There’s Something in my Throat Thursday 27th September

As part of the exhibition the artists will run an event called There is Something in my Throat for participants to further investigate the relationship between food and hierarchy. Presented as an abstract 3 course meal guests will be introduced to underlying topics in the exhibition and invited to exchange thoughts and ideas over ‘the dinner table’. Together we will reflect on our relationship to food and what role it plays in a wider social context.

Please note that there are limited places for the event so booking is essential at sevenoakskaleidoscope@gmail.com


The Ash Project    10th – 20th October

                                                                                                                                                       The Ash Archive opening. Image credit University of Kent.

The Ash Archive’ is a growing collection of objects, artworks, poems and drawings that chart a unique materialist perspective on the history that we share with the ash tree. Curated by Madeleine Hodge and Rose Thompson for The Ash Project.

‘The Ash Archive’ examines the human relationship with the ash tree and woodlands. Reflecting on the uncertain future of the ash tree, the exhibition brings together works by artists, designers and local makers which explore our dynamic and complex relationship with the life and death of the natural world. ‘The Ash Archive’ includes works by Ackroyd & Harvey, Colin Booth, French & Mottershead, Magz Hall, Max Lamb, David Nash, Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton and Sheaf + Barley and a collection of objects made from ash wood  including some objects from Rob Penn’s book “The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees.”

The Ash Archive : Kaleidoscope Gallery


The Ash Archive is a collaboration between the University of Kent and The Ash Project. The Ash Project is an urgent cultural response to this devastating loss of one of our most important species of tree.