The Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum (SVAF) now run the KCC Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery as an artist led space. 



 WHISPER 2 May 30th – June 17th

Whisper is the collective noun for moths and an English way of sharing something conspiratorially.

Our WHISPER launch Project was to share that the Gallery is now run by SVAF and you are all welcome in this space.

For our first community celebratory project ‘WHISPER’ (UK). SVAF decided to be Moth Ambassadors in answer to American artist, Hilary Lorenz’ open call for 40,000 moths from all round the World.

Your paper moths left the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery on June 17th flying to America.

To exhibit in August in

 ‘Cross Pollination’ by Hilary Lorenz

 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

A big thank you to everyone who made UK WHISPER Paper Moths :

Schools  made moths as part of a Math’s, Science, Natural History, Geography or Art curriculum:

Chevening School

The Granville School

Riverhead Infants School

Riverside School

Otford Primary School

Radnor House School

Dartford Grammar School

Croydon High School

Community Groups:

Hospice in the Weald

The Epic Youth Club, St Bartholomew’s  Church, Otford, Kent

Scotts Project Trust

Sevenoaks Day Centre

Chelsea and Westminster Community Hospital School

The Sevenoaks Knit and Natter Group

Emily Jackson House

Members of SVAF

Families who attended workshops in the Library and Gallery

 Many thanks to all the visitors who left Moths in the collection box in the Gallery.

The final installation video of the last day of the project showing all 1,849 moths.



We hope you will follow their continuing journey on this site or



Image credit Hilary Lorenz   Linocut and Dry Point Hawks Moths

The WHISPER 1 Community Project  April 11th – 29th 2017


                       IMG_8727  IMG_8934 (1)  IMG_8742

    IMG_8958     IMG_8938




IMG_8869 (1)

                 IMG_8744              IMG_8784           IMG_8786                IMG_8745

The Sevenoaks Knit and Natter Group  Forty three Crochet and knitted Moths.

Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Museum  Victorian moth collections

The Sevenoaks Branch of Embroiderers Guild   Fifteen felted and embroidered moths and  four stump work moths.

SVAF Artists: Moth inspired diverse painting, prints, collage, drawing, assembladge and found objects.

Rosalind Barker, Margaret Barrett, Anne Bridges, Louisa Crispin, Elisa Hudson, Diana Poliak, Franny Swann, Maria Turner

and Jane Tyler.


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