SVAF and The Community Big Draw 2015*


‘Every drawing tells A story- Oddities and Nonsense’ is an exhibition of drawing by professional artists challenging the breadth of what contemporary drawing can be combined with an SVAF  Big Draw Day for the community to engage with a performance poet and artists on a monumental scale.


‘Every drawing tells A story- Oddities and Nonsense’ The exhibition


Anika Carpenter pastel on paper ‘Wedded’


Shaun Dolan ‘Mr Twig’     Marie Prett drawing on ceramic


Kathleen Fox


Nicole Mollett


Niki Campbell

The Big Draw Day Community Draw

Our Big Draw Day was focused around ‘A Slice of Eggpie Lane : poems of a delicate essence and delight’ written by performance poet David Jinks and illustrated by SVAF member, artist Alison Berry

Readings from the nonsense poems inspired the children to create their own creatures to live in and explore Eggpie Lane, a real lane in Sevenoaks by joining in a huge floor drawing. The drawing was then hung in the gallery for one month as part of ‘Every drawing tells A story- Oddities and Nonsense’


David Jinks SVAF                       The Waahonk Illustration by Alison Berry jpg



The paper is waiting for Big Draw Day:


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The Big Draw rehung in the gallery space until the final drawing day tea party:

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 16.24.18