Full Terms and Conditions for hire of the The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery.

The Kent County Council Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery is run as an artist led space by Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum (SVAF) in partnership with KCC


For private hire, community, educational groups or Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum (SVAF)

Community group, Educational and Private hire of the Gallery, is by agreement with SVAF.

Consideration will be given to proposals for solo, group and themed exhibitions. Applications should be made to sevenoakskaleidoscope@gmail.com



Community, Educational or Charity Group use of the Gallery is free of charge but a refundable deposit is required.

Private hire charge is £150.00 per week.

Hire by SVAF members by consultation.

Commission is charged at 10% – see further details below.


A refundable deposit of £150 will be made (preferably by cheque) by all private and free community bookings 2months prior to the exhibition. (See Take down and cancellation)

Late booking  In the case of late booking (less than 6 weeks before the planned exhibition) full payment is required.

Cancellation  The refundable deposit of £150 will be retained in the event of the booked exhibition failing to materialise, unless 6 weeks notice of cancellation has been given.

Condition of use  SVAF retain the right to refuse any proposal and, in exceptional circumstances, to close an exhibition or to exclude particular works for public exhibition.

Exhibitors will be required to sign acceptance of these terms and conditions when their proposal is accepted.


Transport/ Delivery It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to transport artwork on the agreed date. Delivery times must be agreed with SVAF and the library team and made during library opening hours.

Installation It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to install artwork. Some tools are available at the Gallery but must not be removed.

Standard of presentation  The exhibitor must undertake to display work framed or to a professional standard.

 Safety The exhibition space must be kept clean, safe and presentable at all times. It is expected that the exhibitor will remove their equipment and dispose of all rubbish before the exhibition opens.


  • Work can only be hung below the ‘hanging line’ on the Gallery walls at 2.4 metres. This line is level with the top of the doorframes.
  • No work is to be hung above this line on the North or South support walls.
  • No double-sided tape is to be used on the walls.
  • Only white tac is to be used on the walls to support signage labels or information.

List of works  The exhibitor must supply a list of works and prices to SVAF at the start of the exhibition.page2image9248688page2image9252016


Time  The library no longer has Thursday late night opening. 

Dates need to be discussed and the building can be opened until 7 30 pm by arrangement with SVAF. 

All private views must be confined within the Gallery space.

Equipment Glasses and tables can be made available. Provision of refreshments and food is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Wine can be served after 6pm but not sold.


Commission   All hirers: Commission is charged at 10%  This may be waived by prior agreement if the exhibition is to support a charity

Sold Work None of the artwork sold can be removed until the exhibition is over.

Stewarding No stewarding for exhibitions is provided but exhibitors are welcome to make their own arrangements.

Transactions Sale of the artwork is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Transactions are between the exhibitor and the purchaser of the work. Cash and cheques are the responsibility of the exhibitor at all times.

NotificationIt is the responsibility of the exhibitor to notify SVAF of sales made and arrange to make payment of 10% commission. The £150 deposit cheque will be returned once the commission has been paid.


Insurance The insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor. The Gallerydoes not insure the exhibited work or the exhibition.


The Gallery is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to artwork during the period of the exhibition, the installation or removal of the exhibition.

Personal items The Gallery is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to any personal items belonging to the exhibitor or anyone working for on behalf of the exhibitor. This also includes guests and associates.

Public Liability

SVAF Exhibitors must provide proof that they have public liability insurance with a minimum indemnity limit of £5 million for each and every claim.

An overview of all the membership and licence options available to members of Artist Newsletter can be found here:



Making good

• Every drilled hole is to be filled, sanded back and repainted leaving a smooth surface. Materials are available.

• Every ‘hanging’ pencil mark is to be removed. (Magic Erasers are provided)

• The premises are expected to be left in good, clean order.

The £150 deposit will be refunded if no damage has been sustained to the fabric of the building and commission has been paid at the end of the exhibition.

If any damage to KCC property and/or equipment in excess of the £200 damage cheque is caused by the installation or dismantling of the exhibition, the replacement or repair costs will be passed on to the exhibitor.

Rubbish The exhibitor is responsible for removing the exhibition and disposing of any rubbish.

Disposal Anything left after the closing date will be disposed of unless previous arrangements have been made with SVAF.



The Gallery is not responsible for advertising the exhibition, but details will be included on this Gallery website, our Instagram/Facebook accounts and the What’s On! monthly newsletter.

Exhibitors must supply a digital exhibition flyer/poster at the latest ONE MONTH before exhibiting, plus a list of all artist contributors and some separate images of work and the exhibitor’s website address. This will be used on our website and listed in the Future, Current and Past exhibition on the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery webpages.

The display of advertising materials in the Gallery shall be subject to SVAF approval prior to publishing/printing and must include the SVAF and in partnership KCC logo in the bottom right corner plus the name Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery and website address. www.svaf.co.uk

KCC requires the full name of the Gallery Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery and logos to be used on all flyers, posters and digital online advertising
Installation days are Tuesday, your publicity should state that the first exhibition day is Wednesday.
Deinstallation days are Monday, your publicity should state that the exhibition closes the preceding Saturday.The Gallery reserves the right to include exhibitions in selected on-line art listings.
For Information

Opening Hours   

Monday 10 – 6pm 

Tuesday – Friday 10 – 5pm

Saturday  10 – 4pm

Closed Sunday and all Bank holidays.






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