Andrea Coltman Let’s Facebook It! – 10 Years On


Andrea Coltman

Let’s Facebook It! – 10 Years On

The “Let’s Facebook It!” series of paintings was created by Andrea Coltman in 2013 for her BA(Hons) Degree Show. The project has an opportunity to resurface asking the audience to evaluate whether the work still holds the same or different relevance today.

Initially Andrea’s objective was to interrogate the relatively new world of social media looking specifically at how the world at large interacts with the Facebook platform through profile imagery posted on the Facebook Wall. At the time Andrea also included an iPad to encourage audience participation in the project by submitting a profile image for Andrea to paint.

In creating the project Andrea also explored the background imagery called ‘Facebook covers’ along with the many semiotics symbols and nuances initially associated with the Facebook Platform

⠀This exhibition focuses on the virtual world of Facebook users & how they represent themselves through their profile and cover images. It also comments on the oversaturated imagery available globally.

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