Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery

The Kent County Council Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery  is run as an artist led space by Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum (SVAF) 

 We aim to offer a contemporary exhibition space that showcases new and experimental work from local, emerging and established artists. SVAF also actively promotes and engages with artists’ collaboration projects and formulate interactive community and school projects in the Gallery. We encourage all exhibitors to supplement the gallery programme with talks, workshops and events to facilitate the engagement of visitors with the visual arts. Our varied program is diverse and raises the profile of art in West Kent.

We welcome proposals from schools and community groups as well as artists and curators.

How to exhibit

 Send your proposal to

It should include the kind of work to be displayed (e.g. paintings ceramics, textiles), websites of exhibitors, the proposed duration (up to three weeks will be considered) and ideas for workshops, talks and events for public engagement.

The following are broad guidelines that can be discussed and negotiated on submission of a proposal, please read the full terms and conditions.

Exhibitors are expected to:

  • Provide the technical assistance to hang the work.
  • Design, organise the printing and bear the cost of all publicity. Promotional material will be subject to approval and must display SVAF and KCC logos. Examples are available.
  • Make good the walls and remove all work and packaging promptly at the end of the exhibition.
  • Bear the costs of private view refreshments.
  • Bear the costs of transportation of the work.
  • Have their own public liability insurance. KCC does not insure the work and exhibitors should arrange their own cover for accidental loss/damage.

The Gallery will:

  • Charge £150 per week.
  • For Kent educational and community groups there is no charge.
  • Take a commission of 10% on any work sold.
  • Take a refundable deposit of £150 on acceptance of the proposal. This is to cover the cost of late cancellation or failure to restore the gallery’s walls to an acceptable standard. The deposit will be refunded after commission for sales has been subtracted.
  • Offer advice on curating the exhibition.
  • Facilitate a private view or tea party within the constraints of the Kaleidoscope’s opening hours and long standing regular bookings.
  • Promote the exhibition in its ‘What’s On’ newsletter and existing network of artists and organisations as well as social media outlets.


  • The Gallery can supply hanging materials and tools.
  • Some plinths are available.
  • Delivery and collection dates must be followed, as there is little storage space.
  • Installation days are Tuesday, your publicity should state that the first exhibition day is Wednesday.
  • Deinstallation days are Monday, your publicity should state that the exhibition closes the preceding Saturday.


Gallery North Wall
Gallery North Wall
Gallery wall East
Gallery Wall East
Gallery Wall South
Gallery Wall West. Partition with The Museum Please note there is no longer an entrance gap and the wall now comprises 8 full panels.
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