At the Edge  8th – 18th August

At the Edge  8th – 18th August

In April 2018 Louisa Crispin and Leila Godden escaped to Cape Cornwall.  “At the Edge” is their response to this opportunity.


Imagine, six days at the edge of the land with permission to immerse yourself completely in art. No phone, no internet, just the vast Atlantic ocean outside your window.

This is the promise that comes with a residency at Brisons Veor, a studio set up to enable professional artists to spend a focused period of time developing their work. Its purpose is to provide accommodation and workspace to practitioners in need of assistance and who are making a significant contribution in the creative arts sector. Located on the westernmost edge of Cornwall (Cape Cornwall), Brisons Veor provides a dedicated live-work space for self-funded residencies of between one to four weeks.

Tuesday 14th August 11am to 4pm.

Louisa will be in the Gallery working with graphite powder. 

Thursday 9th August 6-8pm  

Louisa and Leila talked about their experiences at the SVAF meeting. The PV and talk was open to non SVAF members.

Saturday 11th August 11am to 4pm

Louisa and Leila were in the Gallery working with graphite powder and acrylic respectively. 

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