13 APRIL – 6 MAY 2023

Discover the captivating world of Bea Das, an award-winning fashion and textile designer, artist, and refugee, at her exhibition “An Artist’s Journey: The Life and Works of Bea Das” at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks, Kent. Witness a unique blend of couture pieces and artworks, inspired by Bea’s diverse background and experiences on the 50th anniversary of her expulsion from Uganda and arrival in the UK


“Embark on a journey through my life, from India to Uganda and finally to Britain, as I overcame the struggles and challenges of starting anew. Through my story, this exhibition showcases the incredible power of hope, love, and kindness that can bring miracles when people unite to help each other. My experience is just one of many, but it underlines the crucial significance of compassion, awareness and faith especially during times of crisis and uncertainty.”  Bea Das

Bea will be in conversation on Wednesday 3  May 6-8


This exhibition presents a diverse array of artistic expressions, encompassing fashion items, embroidery, narrative, photography, and paintings. This eclectic collection invites viewers on a visual journey through time and space, reflecting Bea’s distinctive artistic vision and prowess.


Social Media and Website Links:

Bea Das’ Facebook: Bea Das Atelier

Bea Das’ Instagram: @beadas_ atelier | @ beadas_ artist

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