Bohemian Cafe: Eat Art 

Bohemian Cafe: Eat Art 

15 – 18 JUNE 2022

 Bohemian Cafe: Eat Art is the final group show for five students currently studying the University of Kent Foundation degree in Fine Art Practice at the Tonbridge campus, North Kent College. The title of this show evokes the conviviality of their group ethos: The Bohemian Cafe of the title is the nickname of the area in the studios where coffee was made and consumed and many of the best discussions about works in progress occurred. These artists work in a variety of media and proccesses including painting, scuplture, glass, print and installation. Why Eat Art? Because even more than biscuits, and even cake, Art is their is their main staple.

 The Artists 

 Erica Hooton ~ 


In her practice Hooton explores the human sense of spirituality in works that make reference to Old Masters, Romanticism and Expressionism. She works across various media including painting, sculpture, print and drawing. 

 Coralie Stocks ~ 


The starting point of Stocks’ practice is a consideration of the possibilities of contemporary watercolour painting. Her intention is to create a connection between disparate groups to see each other with understanding and dignity, connecting in a new way across old divides. 

 Jim Marshall ~ 


Marshall is a painter. He has a fascination with mechanically or electronically produced images – photographs, videos and digital images and how these can be interpreted and reinterpreted with painting. 

 Sally Hamilton ~ 

Hamilton creates layered artworks using a variety of painting, printing and collage techniques. By breaking away from the confinement of a flat canvas, she transforms and evolves her 2D work into 3D to create a more energetic and dramatic dialogue. 

 Peter Waters ~ 

Waters believes that, « every man is a miner, » a quote by Abraham Lincoln. To mine is to Labour and to excavate in the hope of finding something new or valuable and precious with the tools and soul of an artist. Waters projects that as we grow older the past becomes more valuable, it becomes a rich vein to mine. 

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