Broomhill Emerges

6th – 10th March 2018

‘Broomhill Bank School, located in the village of Rustall, Tunbridge Wells is a secondary school for individuals with communication or interaction difficulties and ASD.

This exhibition showcasing the artwork of our GCSE students, gives the opportunity for them to experience presenting their work in a professional environment.’

IMG_2375    IMG_3722 copy    IMG_2377 XEVP7331

The Art and design students are presenting a variety of media. They are also showcasing mixed media collage and prints inspired by artists Katie Whitbread and Cas Holmes. Closely following their process in workshops with the artists, they used their unique conceptual ideas to execute their designs.

In the world of Design and technology we see a variety of work created at GCSE level. Textiles, Fashion, woodwork and electronics.

IMG_3731  IMG_3724 IMG_3733


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