CHRISTINA FRANCE  The Shipping Forecast 


The Shipping Forecast 

March 5 – April 9 

Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Mezzanine 

             High South   mono print 57 x 45 cm

Christina will be showing screen prints from a portfolio of work made in collaboration with the Cambridge Print Studio. The work was made working with Kit Grisham over two days in November 2021. Kip Grisham is an internationally renowned figure in the field of contemporary printmaking. It was an exciting and challenging experience, one which I hope to repeat later this year. 

The Shipping Forecast is a collection of eighteen screen printed monoprints. The interplay of hue and tone, the tensions between shapes and the spaces in between and the layering of repetitive forms unite to make a playful portfolio of interconnected works. Some works are still and spare, others restless and noisy, very much like the subject of the eponymous forecast itself. 

Cryptic and mesmerising, the UK’s nautical weather forecast has given comfort to many light sleepers; the voice flowing over the words that are, for many listeners, detached from its practical objective. The shipping forecast becomes everyday poetry, appreciated for its aesthetic, soporific qualities. 

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