Roger Lee

KNOWN/UNKNOWN A foot on the land

12 – 22 January 2022

By taking only a few steps off the beaten track, a new – or rather previously unknown – world opens up. Viewpoints differ, familiar landscapes combine in unfamiliar ways, orientations shift.

In this context, Robert Capa’s maxim “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” seems especially pertinent although he was speaking of going where others might not dare rather than merely venturing down a previously unexplored foot- path.

The photographs in this exhibition were taken between the autumns of 2020 and 2021 This was a time when speed and movement were slowed down and restricted. Experiences of time and space and the ways in which they shape each other were refocused. The images are known in that they are all of familiar places but unknown in that they were viewed from unfamiliar standpoints.

Roger Lee is a former academic who now spends most of his time making photographs. He is currently working on a book of photographs of amazingly skilled people who make things in and around Sevenoaks. It is imaginatively entitled Making Sevenoaks. Roger also shot the photographs for the recent exhibition and book Sevenoaks in a time of change and is the author of Sevenoaks image-ined.

Instagram @writingimages01

If you are out walking in this sunny crisp weather and see any feathers  bring them into the Gallery and add them to the sculpture in Roger Lee’s KNOWN/UNKNOWN A foot on the land. This elegant photograph project set in and around Sevenoaks reveals a new fascinating aspect to what we thought we knew.

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