Moments in Deep Time Fian Andrews MA (RCA)

Fian Andrews MA (RCA)

Moments in Deep Time 

28 September – 15 October 2022

Private View Wednesday 28th September 6 – 8pm Open to all

After begrudgingly agreeing to go fossil hunting at Copt Point, Folkston, Fian’s (initial lack of) interest in Geology has grown into a fascination with deep time and the mysterious alien ‘worlds’ documented in the rocks beneath our feet. Having originally studied Ceramics at Loughborough and then the Royal College of Art, Fian’s output has, until now, been dominated by the production of clay objects. Despite this, image making and specifically drawing have always been essential to his practice. In this latest body of work, Fian has removed the object entirely to explore landscape through screen printing. These images interrogate the physical properties of landscape and the unimaginable forces and timescales that perpetuate its transformation.

Artist in conversation Wednesday 5th October 6-8

Join us for drinks and Fian will discuss his journey as an artist via the Royal College of Art, a career as a ceramicist to this new body of work in print. This will be Fian’s first solo show for 12 years.


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