27 October – 6 November 

Lucienne O’Mara / Kim Booker / Anna Woodward

Reframing, Rebuilding is a three person exhibition of paintings by Anna Woodward, Kim Booker and Lucienne O’Mara.

Whilst their subject matters and process of making vary, all three artists share a common exchange between gesture, colour and ground. Although their end points differ, their work begins in a similar way.

The title refers to the way in which each artist alters their subject. They study it and break it apart, then rebuild it using their own frame of perception, creating something that is both attached to, and entirely separate from, the original subject.

As all three artists either grew up or currently live in the surrounding areas to Sevenoaks, these new works have been inspired and affected by Knole House and its grounds. Having this shared subject and starting point leads to an interesting dialogue between the works.


Installation view Kim Booker Woman, 2021 

Private View and Artists in conversation Wednesday November 3rd 6-8

Please join us for drinks and an insight into the artists and this new work in REFRAMING REBUILDING. 

No booking required.

Reframing Rebuilding Exhibition Catalogue

Artist Biographies

Lucienne O’Mara

Lucienne is a Kent based painter, living, and working in her studio near Sevenoaks since completing her MA at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2019. Through her paintings Lucienne questions, the possibility of being separate from what we encounter, both as a body in an environment and when seeing. 

Her practice is informed by the activity of looking closely at the gaps between things; at where one thing ends and the next begins and asking whether that interval or space is something that can be defined. 

Lucienne has exhibited in Galleries such as Vigo and Flowers, and her work has been placed in private collections such as Simmons & Simmons and the Currell collection.

Kim Booker

Kim Booker (BA Fine Art, 2019) is a London based painter who works from her studio in Croydon. Booker’s process is gestural and intuitive; paintings are constructed through repeated negotiations between the drawn image and its erasure. Her work freely references the human form via erotic imagery, art history and personal experience. Compositions are awkward and ambiguous, often fragmenting and desexualising the figure, exploring ideas surrounding beauty, love and isolation.

Previous exhibitions include: Oxlade Soup, Terrace Gallery, London; The Top 100, London; New Paintings, Galerie Dutko, Paris; Bodies and their spaces, Grove Collective, London; After Hours, Bowes Paris Gallery, London; Galerie Tassilo Usner at Parallel Vienna; and Exceptional, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London. Booker’s work has been placed in private collections in Europe and the USA.

Anna Woodward

Anna Woodward is a London based artist currently studying an MA in Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School. Anna’s practice centres around her fascination with Greek Mythology and its representation in classical art. Anna is particularly interested in the comparison and contrast between the literature and the art. Anna graduated from a BA in Fine Art with a First Class Hons in 2020, since then she has been able to continue her painting practice over the past year in her south London Studio. Anna creates large scale oil paintings on canvas, the paintings are built up of multiple layers referencing a range of different painting styles and themes.

Each work will focus on a different character, theme or moment of a myth, once chosen Anna will research classical and contemporary art work in relation to it, this forms the foundations of Anna’s work. When making her paintings, Anna will build up and form the work through working in a variety of contrasting layers, from abstract monotone washes, metallic scaffolding like forms and interacting flowing floral forms. These layers all reference the figures, movement, colour and composition of the work. Anna is particularly interested in the areas of intensity and action within the classical painting structure and reimagining this in her own contemporary painting languages. Using the different styles, the paintings take the viewer through them through the areas of contrast from deep holes to multi-layered areas where layers and layers of tonal forms are intertwined upon one another. Anna strives to take the viewer deep into the world of her paintings, and often feels that the chaos mirrors the dramatic literature and exaggeration of Greek Myths.

Anna has exhibited across London including Final not Over at Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, City and Guilds of London Art School 2020 Degree Show at the Oxo BargeHouse and being a 2020 winner of the Freelands Painting Prize and exhibiting at the Freelands Foundation in 2020.

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