Rowena McWilliams  A World Reframed

Rowena McWilliams 

A World Reframed

Taking a new perspective

Wednesday 20 July – Saturday 6 August 2022 

One eye sees, the other feels (Paul Klee)

Artist Workshops: to show how art can contribute to well-being: come for two hours or drop in any time to take part or just listen.

Thursday 21 July 2-4pm Draw a Breath well-being workshop

Wednesday 3 August 2.30-4.30pm Changing Faces well-being workshop

A solo exhibition of works by SVAF member Rowena McWilliams, inspired by the environment, lockdown and world issues.

Rowena works in oils, mixed media and collage, and has also created a series of moving paintings which have to be seen in real life to appreciate how different they are.

Words, ideas and emotions are what inspire her; she describes a type of synaesthesia where she ‘sees’ words. Collage forms an integral part of her process and the torn paper allows her to convey what she sees and feels in the moment.

So much has happened in the last three years and so much is in flux. What will happen next? What will change? How will people cope? What lessons have we learned?

Rowena kept a journal and sketch book during lockdown and she will be sharing these in the exhibition, along with visions of the future.

Tuesday 26 July 10.30-12.30pm Drop in and meet Rowena who will be creating work in the Gallery

Rowena will be talking about her work in the exhibition on Wednesday 3 August 6 – 8  Free and open to all

About Rowena 

Landscape inspired paintings combine what I see with what I feel. Ideas mature in my sketchbooks, thoughts and studio, sometimes for several months. Collage is an integral part of my process.

An experience + a feeling + words = a painting.

A background in art history, teaching of art and English, everyday experiences and an interest in current affairs, provides my inspiration.

I am Area Co-ordinator for South East Open Studios and an ambassador for Pure Arts, and regularly exhibit across the South East. I also have a background in teaching art and curating exhibitions.

Animation has recently enabled me to enhance the movement inherent in my compositions and has led to a series of moving images.


Wednesday 3 August 2 30 – 4 30  FREE Wellbeing Workshop

Informal art and writing activities led by Rowena McWilliams to help understand our feelings and to build coping strategies.

Come for two hours or just drop in. Materials provided. See how art can contribute to well-being: take part or just listen.


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