SACRED VESSEL: War Crimes Against Women in the DR Congo

24 July –  2 August

Forty-eight women are sexually assaulted every hour in the conflict zone of the Democratic Republic. The degree of brutality of these attacks, according to UN reports, is the worst known in the world. The shock, anger and dismay Melissa felt upon first hearing this statistic has been the driving force behind the creation of this new installation of smoke-fired ceramic vessels. Forty-eight pots, ranged in judgement, representing the true price paid every hour for a conflict perpetuated by the booming market for conflict minerals necessary for the clean green technologies the First World is desperate to promote. Will you come and stand among them?

Thursday 25 July  6 – 7 45

Conversation with the Artist Hosted by writer/filmmaker Amy Zamarripa Solis.

Learn more about the creation of Melissa Hill’s powerful new immersive installation of smoke-fired ceramics, SACRED VESSEL, in conversation with the artist and meet others in the area involved with and interested in refugee resettlement and international affairs. Hosted by writer and filmmaker Amy Zamarripa Solis. Admission is free and open to the public, though owing to the themes of sexual violence as a war crime it is not recommended for under-16s.

Tickets are FREE but seats are limited please book here Eventbrite link.

Sensory installation by invited artist Venetia Nevill
It was calming for visitors to participate in the interactive sensory installation and make their prayer flags with invited SVAF artist Venetia Nevill.
They moulded a clay ‘power figure’, created symbols with iron from an ancient spring, to be hung as peace flags and set intentions over a water medicine for peace in the region. We all take in information in different ways and experiential, haptic art can be a powerful way of changing our perspectives and allowing an embodied knowledge. More than anything it allows space for new connections and ideas to sink in beyond our often limited thinking’ Venetia Nevill
Melissa and Venetia’s work will be in the Gallery until 5pm Saturday August 3rd.
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