TERRA NOSTRA 2  Earth In Flux


Earth In Flux  14th – 23rd February 

Private View and Artists in conversation Thursday 21st February 6 – 8 pm

The relationship between humans and the Earth is a battleground within which our world seems to be on the losing side. Edging towards extinction where the laws of nature have been misused and abused by the higher ape.  Humankind is crafting its own burial chamber through an obsession with consumption and commercial gain. How can the Earth keep up with these demands? This exhibition examines an hypothetical and real world in flux between survival and giving up, A world trying to adapt to a dysfunctional relationship with the people who dwell upon it. It is trying to live with the human-disease but is struggling. What both sides of the relationship do know is that each are finite atrophising and degrading by the day. But it’s not all doom and gloom, our planet will still exist, adapt and recover after humankind is gone.

This is the second presentation of Terra Nostra curated by VIctoria Casillas and Sarah Spence. The exhibition was first shown at Tonbridge Creates in December.

The artists are from a mixture of disciplines including photography, ceramics, painting, textiles, mixed media, Street Art in both 2D and 3D.
Exhibiting Artists: 
Tina-Marie Lewis / Lizzie Hill / DS / Victoria Casillas / Sarah Spence / Paula Morgan
Laura Porter / Daniel Huckfield / Chris Hewson

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