This Is Tomorrow  

9th – 19th August 2017


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This Is Tomorrow, presented at the Whitechapel Gallery, London in 1956. It showcased the work of twelve groups of artists, architects, musicians and graphic designers who worked ‘independently for the development and production of their work but conceived the final display as one environment suggesting a model of multi-disciplinary collaboration’.

The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, presents ‘This Is Tomorrow’ 2017. Ten Kent University postgraduate artists revisit this seminal show, their responses offer a fresh interpretation in a wide range of intriguing works.

     Lorraine Mailer, Sonia Griffin, Jenny Dalton, Jill Scanlon, John Stewart, Stephen Pink, Peps Barkhan, Jacob Weeks, Phil Woodward, Kit Forrest.

PV  Thursday 10th August 17 00 – 20 00. 

 Meet the artist event Saturday 12th August 10 30 – 12 30.


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