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A contemporary Exhibition Space showcasing new and experimental work from established and emerging artists. SVAF also actively promotes and engages with artists’ collaboration projects and formulate interactive community, school and University projects in the Gallery.

Rosalind Barker and Susan Evans with the members of the  Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum, run The KCC Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery as an artist led space.

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‘nobody’ Artist gallery residency

Rosalind Barker

8- 25 January 2020

Rosalind is working in the gallery in a time frame leading up to the first anniversary of her mother Phyllis’ death.

 ‘nobody’ references Phyllis’s loss of self and all physical functions and abilities as she faded into Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Phyllis spent long years lost, diminished and fearful.

Rosalind’s relationship with Phyllis will be her muse in this prospective body of new work based on their memories and the objects held dear. In an experimental and playful way that reflects their early relationship, she hopes to restore a presence, essence and dignity to Phyllis.

A residency allows time and a new working environment to permit ideas to flourish and birth. This residency is partly curated with work also influenced by her mothers predicament, all created since Rosalind’s MA Drawing (2016)

Rosalind will be in the Gallery this week:

Thursday 16th School Visit 10 – 1 Drawing  1 – 3  

Friday 17th 10 – 2

Saturday 18th 11 30 – 2

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