Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum was founded in 2009 by Rosalind Barker, Sue Evans and Franny Swann

SVAF meet on the first Wednesday of the month 6-8 in the contemporary innovative KCC Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery.

Sevenoaks Visual Artists Forum is a group of Kent artists and makers. The group is non-selective, friendly and comprises both successful, student and emerging artists.

SVAF believe that true artists have open and inquiring minds and that we can learn something from everything and everyone. Our members are drawn from many disciplines including painting, ceramics, print, textiles, sculpture, installation, video, sound and contemporary drawing.

We aim to make the Forum a vehicle for artists to meet, critically engage, share, network and develop their practice. SVAF meetings comprise of speakers, panel discussions, networking and critiques of member’s work.

We have a guest selected and curated, annual ‘SVAF OPEN’ exhibition.

Engine ChatChat at SVAF facilitated by Elizabeth Murton since 2015.

Engine ChatChat is a facilitated peer crit where artists can share ideas, ask questions and get feedback from a small group of peers. An informal atmosphere and constructive conversation is encouraged. This is a dedicated space to think about and share your practice. You can present or join in the discussion.

SVAF Membership is £16 pa.      Email Sue Evans for membership at

You are very welcome to join us for any meeting prior to committing yourself to membership.

To discover who our next SVAF speaker will be or look at our archive visit:

Image credit Sue Vass 'Fragility'
The SVAF OPEN 2016/17
The SVAF OPEN 2015  






Engine Chat Chat






PLAY 2017                                                                 WHISPER 2017

SVAF Members 2022

Adam Green, Alison Berry, Amanda Hopkins, Andrea Coltman, Angela Dewar, Angela Stocker, Ann Bridges, Anna Masters, Anne Fontenoy,

Bea Das, Beverly Johnson, Bill Hall, Carole Robson, Caroline Bugby. Caroline Gould, Caroline Wetton, Cherie Lubbock, Christa Corner, Christina Crews,

Claire Palastanga, Clare Jones, Colin Anderson, David Minton, Deborah Farquharson, Deborah Ravetz, Derek Medhurst, Di Drummond, Diana Poliak, Dione McKenna, Donald Smith, 

Eddie van der Werf, Elaine Almond, Emily Glass, Franny Swann, Frederique Jones, Gilly Lovegrove, Ginny Legg, Hildegard Pax, Jackie Gwyther, 

Jane Sandoe, Jane Taylor, Jane Tyler, Jennifer Blackwell, Jenny Dalton, Jill Goldsworthy, Jo Brown, Jocelyn Bailey, Jonathan Brown, Julian Rowe, Juliet Simpson, 

Kate Hasted, Katherine Small, Katie Whitbread, Klaudia Kobelentz, Linda Abrahams, Lizzie Hill, Louisa Crispin, Louise Sunnucks, Lydia Carda, Lydia Umney, Margaret Barrett, 

Margaret Devitt, Maria Turner, Marilyn Kyle, Marilyn Garwood, Marion Fullerton, Martin Jacobs, Maureen Wilson-Beales, Melissa Hill, Nigel Parr, Niki Campbell, Pat Savage, Peps Barkhan,

Polly Hosp, Richard Heys, Rob Leighton, Roger Lee, Roger Savage, Rosalind Barker, Rose Brigland Colebridge, Rowena McWilliams, Rozenn Gladwell, 

Ruth Dent, Ryan Poliak, Sabrina Shah, Sally Eldars, Sandie Camillerie, Sarah Cliff, Sarah Spence, Sarah Walker, Sonia Griffin, Sue Lowen,  Sue Evans, Sue Vass, 

Susanne Beard, Venetia Nevill, Victoria Granville Baxter, Victoria Lucas Roberts, Wendy Jones.

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