Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum was founded in 2009 by Rosalind Barker, Sue Evans and Franny Swann (Retired 2017)

SVAF meet on the first Wednesday of the month 6-8 in the contemporary innovative KCC Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery.

Sevenoaks Visual Artists Forum is a group of Kent artists and makers. The group is non-selective, friendly and comprises both successful, student and emerging artists.

SVAF believe that true artists have open and inquiring minds and that we can learn something from everything and everyone. Our members are drawn from many disciplines including painting, ceramics, print, textiles, sculpture, installation, video, sound and contemporary drawing.

We aim to make the Forum a vehicle for artists to meet, critically engage, share, network and develop their practice. SVAF meetings comprise of speakers, panel discussions, networking and critiques of member’s work.

SVAF Membership is £16 pa.      Email Sue Evans for membership at

You are very welcome to join us for any meeting prior to committing yourself to membership.

To discover who our next SVAF speaker will be look at our monthly Gallery newsletter pinned at

SVAF Members 2022

Adam Green, Alison Berry, Alison Sweidan, Amanda Hopkins, Andrea Coltman, Angela Dewar, Angela Stocker, Ann Bridges, Anna Goodwin,  Anne Fontenoy, Arianwen Norman, Bea Das, Beverly Johnson, Bill Hall, Birgitta Wilson, Brenda Voyce, Bruce Hemming, Carole Aston, Carole Robson, Caroline Bugby, Caroline Wetton, Cathy Gough, Charlotte Boynes, Cherie Lubbock, Chrissie Hunt, Christa Corner, Christina France, Christine Highland, Claire Palastanga, Colin Anderson, David Minton, Deborah Farquharson, Deborah Ravetz, Derek Medhurst, Di Drummond, Diana Tapping, Diana Poliak, Donald Smith, Duncan Dwinell, Eddie van der Werf, Elaine Almond, Elaine Leslie, Erica Hooten, Esmee Melchiors, Franny Swann, Frederique Jones, Gilly Lovegrove, Ginny Legg, Hilary Wells, Hildegard Pax, Jackie Gwyther, Jade Tinkler, Jane Cordery, Jane Sandoe, Jane Taylor, Jane Tyler, Jennifer Blackwell, Jenny Dalton,  Jenny Thomas, Jill Goldsworthy,  Jim Marshall, Jocelyn Bailey, Julian Rowe, Juliet Simpson, Kate Grimes, Katherine Small, Katie Whitbread, Klaudia Kobelentz, Leila Godden, Lilia Kodunova, Lesley Stevens, Lester Korzilius, Linda Abrahams, Lizzie Hill, Louisa Crispin, Louisa Donovan, Lucy Homer, Lydia Carda, Mai Osama, Marcia Clayton, Margaret Barrett, Margaret Devitt, Maria Turner, Marilyn Kyle, Marilyn Garwood, Marion Fullerton, Martin Garwood, Nic Ramsden, Nick Hebditch, Niki Campbell, Ola Dajani, Paul Burgess, Peps Barkhan, Pernille Holm, Peter Waters, Richard Heys, Roger Lee, Rosalind Barker, Rose Brigland Colebridge, Rowena McWilliams, Ryan Poliak, Sally Eldars, Sally Hemming, Sam King, Sarah Cliff, Sheila Nash, Stanna Kohler, Sonia Griffin, Stewart Clark, Sue Lowen,  Sue Evans, Sue Vass, Susanne Beard, Sylvia Holman, Tracy Luck, Venetia Nevill, Victoria Granville Baxter, Victoria Lucas Roberts, Wendy Jones.


Fine Art Practice Development (FAPD) with Sam Herbert

SVAF now work with Sam Herbert to bring the FAPD Fine Art Practice Development to Sevenoaks kaleidoscope Gallery.

The course was designed to follow a BA Degree by Samuel L. Herbert and James Brooks and has been running successfully for a decade. The course is now aimed at practicing SVAF artists or anyone with a degree in the subject who wants to re- engage with their art practice. The course consists of 15 sessions between October and June. At the end of the course there is a public exhibition in the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery.

CONTENT: The course content is focused on the individual development of each member’s art practice within a group setting. Initially group members introduce their practice and identify what they want to achieve over the coming months. After that, each session consists of 3-4 group members presenting their work for a tutor-led group discussion, the discussions are always conducted in a supportive atmosphere of constructive feedback and the terms of the discussion are set by whomever is presenting.

Samuel L. Herbert is a practicing artist specialising in painting and a lecturer. Between 2009-2022 he was programme leader for the University of Kent degrees in fine art delivered at West Kent College in Tonbridge. His artwork is included in several collections of contemporary art, including the Saatchi Collection. His lecturing experience includes, Goldsmiths College, University of the Arts and the Art Academy. You can see examples of his work on his Instagram account:

1:1 Tutorials relating to any aspect of your practice are available with Sam. Portfolio reviews, writing statements, social media, applying for an MA.

In person or via Zoom.

If members would be interested in a tutorial, please email Sam direct

Engine ChatChat at SVAF was facilitated by Elizabeth Murton from 2015 – 2019

Engine ChatChat is a facilitated peer crit where artists can share ideas, ask questions and get feedback from a small group of peers. An informal atmosphere and constructive conversation is encouraged. This is a dedicated space to think about and share your practice. You can present or join in the discussion.

Engine Chat Chat

The SVAF OPEN Biennale  

From 2015 – 2018 the ‘SVAF OPEN’ was selected and curated by an external guest curator/gallerist.  Recently we have had a biennial true SVAF OPEN representing ALL our membership.

The SVAF OPEN 2023  Will exhibit at Kaleidoscope Art Gallery November 2023 – January 2024
All members will be invited to submit work. This opportunity is free. Artist awards are selected by a guest artist/curator.

The SVAF OPEN 2021
The SVAF OPEN 2021
Image credit Sue Vass 'Fragility'
The SVAF OPEN 2016/17
The SVAF OPEN 2015  


During the Covid pandemic lockdown SVAF created two opportunities that reflected on collaboration and when a work is finished. Exhibited online as MORE THAN and MORE MORE THAN exhibitions they were brought together in February 2022 in the Gallery Space and exhibited as FINISHED?

MORE THAN February 2021



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