The SVAF OPEN 2023

16 November 2023  – 6 January 2024

The SVAF OPEN 2023 Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery Installation views


The SVAF OPEN is a biannual celebration of our artist colleagues.

Reflecting the variety of members’ practice ‘The SVAF OPEN 2023’ sees a showcase of members drawing, textile, photography, painting, print, ceramics, installation, and sculpture. We are delighted that 79 of our artists chose to exhibit this year. This OPEN is a true open and is nonselective; all 119 members were invited to show their work.

The Judges Prize Awards The SVAF OPEN 2023 Pernille Holm, Ginny Egg and Sally Eldars.

The Public Choice Awards of 2023, were awarded to Gilly Lovegrove, Ann Bridges and Juliet Simpson.

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