Exhibition by the 19 Second Floor Studio and Arts Creatives from 96 High Street, Sevenoaks.

May 15th – 18th


An exhibition showcasing work by the artists and makers from Sevenoaks Second Floor Studio and Arts.

This exhibition gives a glimpse  into their individual creativity in the run up to their first Open Studios event.

Thursday 16th May

18:00 – 20:00

Private View  All welcome

Expect painting, drawing, weaving, printmaking, glass fusion, photography, illustration, textiles surface design, fashion design and fine jewellery from Artists at varying stages of their careers, ranging from recent graduates, emerging artists and makers to long established practitioners. They are looking forward to meeting you in the Gallery and opening their studio doors at 96 High Street, above M &Co.


Louise Sunnucks Sea Flowers at Kaleidoscope and her studio.

When you have visited an exhibition in Kaleidoscope Gallery have you ever wondered about what the artist studios where the work has been created and made is like?
This May you can find out:

96 The High Street Open Studios 

Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th

11:00 – 18:00

Ann Bridges


Rebecca Munday 

Franny Swann’s studio.      Christina France printmaking in her studio.  Sally Elders in her shared studio.  


‘Second Floor Studios & Arts have been delivering affordable studio provision to London’s visual arts community since 1997. In an exciting joint venture with Sevenoaks District Council we opened our project on the high street in September 2018. Over the 18th and 19th May we would like to invite you to meet the studio members in their workspace. We have a wide range of artists and makers’

PrintFest7 2019


1st – 11th MAY


Continuing the success of PrintFest7, launched in 2018 in partnership with France’s Manifestampe, this year’s PrintFest takes a Nordic twist.


1- 11th May Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery    17-22 September Ålgården konstnärernas verkstäder och galleri

Artists from Sweden’s prestigious Algården Workshop and Gallery will be exhibiting at the Kaleidoscope Gallery from the 1 – 11thMay 2019. The art of Printmaking is practised widely in the Nordic countries and an emphasis on non toxic methods prevail. The Ålgården workshop and Gallery is situated by the river Viskan in Borås near the west coast of Sweden. Consisting of four large buildings and two outhouses there is a beautiful Gallery hosting exhibitions by both national and international artists. The workshops are divided into three – one for lithography, silkscreen and glass – one for intaglio printing – and one for a digital workshop, kitchen and guest rooms.

Invited Artists, members and associates of Sevenoaks’s Visual Arts Forum will be exhibiting at the Algården Gallery from 17 – 22 September 2o19

https://www.algarden.se/en/about-us/ Exhibition of original prints by some of Sweden’s finest Printmakers and Charity Auction of prints donated by printmakers including Dawn Cole, Margaret Ashman, Hester Cox, Christina France, Sonia Griffin, Kristina Thun (images below) and many more.

Kristina Thun

OPENING EVENT  Saturday May 4th 1 – 4pm

The exhibition and charity auction will be opened by Sevenoaks Mayor Councillor Roderick Hogarth. Timothy Shaw, founder of Hospital Rooms will be talking about the charity’s work and the impact it has on lives. Come along to Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery from 1pm-4pm to meet the artists, learn about printmaking techniques such as lithography, etching, screen printing, sample some delicious Smorgasbord and bid for an Original Print by some of the UK’s finest artist printmakers.

The charity Hospital Rooms. ‘Our vision is for all people in mental health wards to have the freedom to experience extraordinary artworks. We believe in the power of art to provide joy and dignity and to stimulate and heal’ Hospital Rooms is a mental health charity that believes in the enduring power of the arts to instil value, dignity and wellbeing in people. Their mission is to bring world class art to mental health hospitals  https://hospital-rooms.com

Kristina Thun

Meet the Artists on Thursday May 9th 6 – 8pm

All welcome to join us for talks by Printmakers Hester Cox and Christina Lindberg. No booking required. On Thursday May 9th 6-8pm as part of SVAF’s ongoing series of talks, Hester Cox, one of the UK’s foremost Printmakers will be talking about her collographs and her attachment to Sweden’s Algården Workshop.  Her colourful and richly textured limited-edition collagraph prints reflect her appreciation of the natural landscape and are often inspired by things that she sees whilst out fell running. Christina Lindberg Sweden’s eminent artist printmaker, author and sculptor will be talking about her work and the history of the  Algården Workshop and Gallery, of which she is director. Christina is also editor of Grafiknytt, Scandinavia’s printmaking journal. Using a wide range of materials and techniques, her elegant use of dry point and colour blocks define the principal of Less is More. Many invited artists including Christina France and Hester Cox have benefitted from Algården’s Artist in Residence programme which Christina oversees. PrintFest7  has been organised by SVAF artist Christina France who was invited to be Artist in Residence at the Algården Workshop in 2015 and has been returning ever since drawn to Nordic approach to printmaking where nontoxic methods prevail


SELFIE : Young artists and difference in an age of conformity

23rd – 27th April 2019

Young people from Sevenoaks are exhibiting transformative visual art at the Kaleidoscope Gallery.
This is no ordinary exhibition and you are urged to visit to be challenged in subtle ways.

Private View Thursday 25th April 6-8pm

All welcome.

Young people experience many challenges to conform in a culture of selfies and peer-pressure, or peer-influence. The artist and educator, Jocelyn Bailey, worked with talented young people, contextualising in art history, and making visual work to show how it can transform thinking. Digital art is used to show that we are all different; traditions are applied in new ways; permission is given to be autonomous.
This project was supported by



Wednesday April 3rd – Saturday April 20th 

Jane Cordery / Kit Forrest / Sonia Griffin / Rachel Hornsby / Frederique Jones  / Lorrain Mailer / Carolyn Morris / Venetia Nevill


Wavelengths 2 is a fresh, visual exploration of the novels by Virginia Woolf. Reconfigured especially for Kaleidoscope Gallery this group exhibition was originally launched as part of Coastal Currents 2018 at Hastings.

Sevenoaks was routinely visited by Woolf and the exhibition, coinciding with the centenary of women’s enfranchisement, explores the social conditioning of women today alongside recurring themes in Woolf’s novels and life, with diverse and unexpected results.  The exhibition includes a collaborative element with the Blue Monkey group at Towner and the artist group includes SVAF members.


Private View and Meet the artist talk was Thursday April 11th 6 – 8pm

Thanks to all who joined us for a glass of wine,  an introduction to WAVELENGTHS 2 by Jane Cordery and several of the exhibiting artists in conversation.

Full information on the history and future of WAVELENGTHS  https://wavelengths-woolf.weebly.com

Wavelengths2        Three FREE Art Workshops

Saturday 13th April 11 – 1pm  The Language of Clothes

Drop in for Adults and Children 

FREE No booking required

    Exploring portraits and costumes with artist Sonia Griffin

Looking at clothes from historical clothing to superhero costumes and everyday clothes we all wear now. 
What do clothes say about the wearer?
In the workshop we will create a design for a fantasy outfits that reflect our inner personalities or a character from your favourite book.
We will make a picture by  using fabric and magazine images to make collages.
To get inspiration and ideas of how clothes can confer a message, we will look at images of historical garments and some of the clothing in the museum’s collection, children can dress up using the museum’s costume box. 

Thursday 18 April   18.00 – 19.45

Landscapes & the Line

10 Places Free

Best for adults of any age. No experience necessary. Beginners and intermediates in Art. 

Experienced artists are welcome to attend but may learn less.

Purpose Drawing, painting and sculpture are often considered to be very different, but many artists today routinely combine these elements in their work.  This workshop will demonstrate simple ways in which paint, drawing and ordinary materials can be combined with things that create a line to delineate a feeling or emotion and/or a boundary or territory in both traditional and abstract ways by using inexpensive items.                             Just come and have fun!

The workshop is an extension of the exhibition WAVELENGTHS 2 showing at Kaleidoscope in April, which artistically interprets the novels of Virginia Woolf.
Woolf was one of the first writers to align the use of physical landscape with the internal landscape, using metaphors of rooms, objects and the sea to both explore her character’s state of mind and the female societal boundaries of her time.

Lead by Jane Cordery, assisted by Lorrain Mailer, both initiating artists of the exhibition WAVELENGTHS.  Jane has a BA in Fine Art, has exhibited at the R.A. Summer Exhibition and is an experienced trainer.

What to Bring – a photo of your favourite landscape and/or a small object that has emotional  significance for you – this can be simply a stick, stone, pencil, poem,  bead, piece of material, photo etc. 
Must wear clothes suitable for acrylic paint (which cannot be washed off) – especially for wrist/arm wear.
All materials provided.
Coffee and cake provided but feel free to bring drinks/food.
Workshop Outline   Ways of using paint/pens/materials, in combination with colour, to express either a physical or internal landscape will be both explored and experimented. 
The workshop will cover:

  • explanation of the intent of the workshop (5 mins)
  • warm up exercise to explore materials that can create ‘a line’ to evoke a feeling and a physical space (10 mins)
  • PowerPoint presentation, the ways in which paint/pens/colour/materials and the line have been used in combination in the history of art to denote emotions/landscape/ boundaries etc.  (15 mins)
  • Participants to undertake controlled and free experiments with paint/pens/canvas cloth/paper/materials/objects to combine colour and lines to express a physical or inner landscape  (I hour)

To book, simply contact Jane   janecordery2003@yahoo.co.uk

Saturday 6 April   10.30 – 12.30 

invisible – made tangible


For 14-18 year olds to explore and push to its limit, adhesive tape, like sellotape, as an alternative art material.

Aim Enable an appreciation that any material can be used in art to express and explore human emotions and make visible what may be invisible.

Lorrain Mailer (currently doing an MA Fine Art at UCA, Canterbury, assists with the National Saturday Club and is a conservation volunteer at Knole) will, assisted by Jane Cordery share themes from the exhibition, of double standards and social conditioning in Virginia Woolf’s novels, within the context of the period and her art practice.

With reference to Wassily Kandinsky, Lygia Clark, Karla Black and the concept of spatial space by the collaborative group Numen.

Materials Sellotape and coloured (green, blue and yellow) sticky tape and scissors, these will all be provided.

After discussion you will collectively or in groups construct outside the gallery, but within the Library, a response to the space.

Talk 5 min PowerPoint of images to show a range of possibilities and effects that can be achieved with Sellotape. 

Estimated time for creating artwork 90 mins (with breaks as required)

Group interaction  Ask participants to work their way through the space allowing for traces to attach to the Sellotape as they interact with the installation.

Group discussion What do you think you gained, felt; is there a connection between internal thoughts and outward behavior.

To book, simply contact Lorrain  info@lorrainmailer.com

Festivity Sylvia Critcher and The Hope Quilters


“the celebration of something in a joyful and exuberant way”

13th – 30th March 2019





‘Festivity’ sums up the atmosphere of this exhibition where children’s literature is celebrated in stitched textiles. Hope Quilters are a thriving quilting group who meet locally and have worked in conjunction with the library to produce this joyful work.

This exhibition ‘Festivity’ started in 2016 when a small quilt exhibition was created for Seal Library to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday. Sylvia Critcher and The Hope Quilters have since worked to produce Summer and Festive themed quilts,  displayed in the children’s library at Seal and Sevenoaks 2016 – 2018.

The collection is being shown together for the first time. The Hope Quilters meet in Seal Library on Mondays.

Festivity is in conjunction with Jenny Carter of Sevenoaks Library.


Sylvia will be in the Gallery to chat with you about everything to do with Quilting.

Saturday 23rd March 10 – 3pm

Saturday 30th March 10 – 12pm


Sylvia Critcher, Textile Artist, Teacher and Exhibition Co-ordinator

Sylvia trained at Goldsmiths College in Fine Art & Textiles with Constance Howard as her tutor and inspiration. She has taught Life drawing, fabric printing, painting & sculpture, embroidery, patchwork & quilting plus a wide range of related textile subjects for many years.

Sylvia worked for Kent A.E. at Sevenoaks for 33 years, where she ran Part 1 & Part 2 C&G.

Sea Flowers Louise Sunnucks

Sea Flowers 

New paintings by Louise Sunnucks

27th February – 9th March


Private View Thursday 28th February 6 – 7 45 pm

Meet The Artist Event
Saturday 2nd March 12 – 2 pm  Do join us for tea and cake

Saturday 9th March 12 – 2 pm  Do join us for tea and cake.

Louise Sunnucks graduated from Central Saint Martins (UAL) in 2013 with a degree in Fine Art B.A.(Hons). After graduating with a degree in The History of Art and Design B.A.(Hons) in 1979, she followed a career in Advertising. She has collaborated with a group of artists from Central Saint Martins for the last six years producing site-specific work at several locations throughout London. She has a multi-disciplinary practice.

Sea Flowers is her first Solo Show . This exhibition is a new body of work which involve photography, painting and drawing. Whilst this exhibition is a departure from her site-specific installations, her new work relies on similar concepts.

page2image31895120  page2image31895328

She creates surfaces that she observes in the world around her, the over- looked, the discarded, the intangible, the temporal, ephemeral and mundane. Subjects or events perceived as ‘having been there’. Captured in a photographic image she translates this information into a surface that contains a memory imprint.


Sea Flowers is her particular vision of man-made objects or natural phenomena that she encounters. Many of the works are based on photographs of patterns or surfaces created by time, wind and water that exist for just a moment in time, sometimes seconds. This a record of something as ‘having been there’, ignored and unseen. The Sea Flower is her interpretation of Fractals in the sand that we as humans are naturally drawn to as they mimic plants, trees or roots. She finds beauty in the overlooked and these works will hopefully resonate with the viewer



TERRA NOSTRA 2  Earth In Flux


Earth In Flux  14th – 23rd February 

Private View and Artists in conversation Thursday 21st February 6 – 8 pm

The relationship between humans and the Earth is a battleground within which our world seems to be on the losing side. Edging towards extinction where the laws of nature have been misused and abused by the higher ape.  Humankind is crafting its own burial chamber through an obsession with consumption and commercial gain. How can the Earth keep up with these demands? This exhibition examines an hypothetical and real world in flux between survival and giving up, A world trying to adapt to a dysfunctional relationship with the people who dwell upon it. It is trying to live with the human-disease but is struggling. What both sides of the relationship do know is that each are finite atrophising and degrading by the day. But it’s not all doom and gloom, our planet will still exist, adapt and recover after humankind is gone.

This is the second presentation of Terra Nostra curated by VIctoria Casillas and Sarah Spence. The exhibition was first shown at Tonbridge Creates in December.

The artists are from a mixture of disciplines including photography, ceramics, painting, textiles, mixed media, Street Art in both 2D and 3D.
Exhibiting Artists: 
Tina-Marie Lewis / Lizzie Hill / DS / Victoria Casillas / Sarah Spence / Paula Morgan
Laura Porter / Daniel Huckfield / Chris Hewson

‘IDENTITY’ Otford Primary School

30th January – 9th February

Private View Thursday 31st January 5 30 – 7pm

A selection of artwork by the students and Miss Sarra Bird.

I’m in my second year at Oxford Brookes University doing MA in Art Education and this module is about researching my artist teacher identity specifically looking at how my art practice influences my teaching practice. I am also required to exhibit my work, with the research question in mind, I thought it was a good opportunity to exhibit my work alongside my students artwork, all exploring the theme of identity. Sarra Bird

Pearly Queen of Smithfield Market. Biro on paper Sarra Bird

Breathing Space an installation by Ruth Dent

Breathing Space

An installation by Ruth Dent with sonic landscape by Alec Dent.

 9 – 26 January 2019

Ruth will be in the Gallery Saturday January 26th.

2pm artist reading and in conversation. 

Detail two panels from ’Serenade’

Evening preview and artist talk was on Thursday 10 January 6 to 8pm.    


Talk starts at 6.25pm.  Free.  All welcome.

We are pleased to welcome Ruth Dent in her first solo show at Kaleidoscope. Come in and experience ‘Breathing Space’ a  site-specific installation. Ruth has been developing this body of work over the last twelve months in both her French and English studios.




‘Breathing Space has been over a year in the making.

My work has evolved from my Visible, Invisible, Veiled body of work which explored natures broken grids.

I have changed the format and moved from squares to rectangles – long, thin and wide.

Trees, forests and walking in the woods remain essential influences.

Now I’m trying to draw different aspects together: elements of and meanings from the ancient ways, linked with Christianity and my experiences of places, including Cathedrals, Buddhist Stupas, Hindu Temples, Stone Circles, the Labyrinth at Chartres – always coming back to nature.

It’s my way of asking questions and trying to make sense of things, whilst celebrating life on earth.

And here’s the question I ask in relation to my current work:

Did cathedrals, temples, stupas and labyrinths originate in the forest?

Come and experience for yourself……..’      Ruth Dent


December 4th – January 5th 2019



BE THE ARTIST its is all about YOU and Your SEVENOAKS Art and Sole


JOIN IN Collect your FREE shoe from Kaleidoscope. PRIZES

 BE THE ARTIST its is all about YOU and Your SEVENOAKS Art and Sole

FOOTFALL is a FREE inclusive celebratory Art project for everyone until Christmas. There is still lots of time to join in.


New arrivals 

WE have PRIZES decided by YOUR  public vote.

WIN 1st Prize £100 cash

WIN 3 runner up prizes of £50 cash.

WIN Best painted shoe. Awarded by The Sevenoaks Art Shop £40 in art vouchers and the beautiful box framed Van Gough shoe.


WIN The Danish Collection shoe packed with goodies from this beautiful shop.


WIN The Sevenoaks Bookshop Prize.

FOOTFALL shoes by:


Kemsing Evening WI

Shoreham Village School

Cleeve Park School

Cleeve Park School Artlab

Seal Primary School

Otford Primary School

Scotts Project Trust

The Epic Youth Club, St Bartholomew’s Church.

The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Library Knit and Natter Group

The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Library Wool and Craft Club

The Sevenoaks Branch of The Embroiderers Guild

The Sevenoaks Craft Club

The Sevenoaks Adult Day Centre

The Sevenoaks Art Shop

The Sevenoaks Book Shop

The Danish Collection

SVAF Artists

The Stag Sevenoaks

The Stag Arts Centre Knit and Natter

Families who attended FOOTFALL workshops in the Gallery and Library.

Many thanks to visitors who have left their shoes in the Gallery



The remit for SVAF running the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery as an artist led space has a focus on increasing numbers of the public and arts community visiting the Gallery space. Increasing its profile and visibility.

We aim to do this with a project about shoes and feet throughout the Kaleidoscope building, Gallery and the surrounding streets of Sevenoaks.

We would like to invite residents; schools, organisations, businesses and members of the community to be part of FOOTFALL by making a fabulous creative shoe or footprint.

We aim to fill the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery and building. Now making Art shoes with YOU:

FOOTFALL  Exhibition of your shoes from  5th December – 5th January

This project is yours:

Whatever your age if you are a resident or friend of Sevenoaks you can be part of FOOTFALL by making a shoe.  

The shoe could reflect who you are, your interests or what you do.

We have hundreds of new soft shoes to use as a starting point. What will you do with yours?