CROWNS for the QUEENS JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS to be exhibited at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Outside the Museum and Art Gallery 1st floor of Sevenoaks Library

SVAF have been working with Sevenoaks Town Council in a highly successful campaign to put your Sevenoaks Crowns onto banners for the High Street and Vine Gardens to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee. Local schools, youth groups, adult craft groups and individuals have taken part. There are hundreds of imaginative interpretations of ‘Crown’ they are all fabulous created by all ages from 2 – 96. ALL THE ORIGINAL and WORKSHOP CROWNS will be on display at Kaleidoscope from May 26th 2022

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun of making a CROWN FIT for THE QUEEN at home or at the multiple free SVAF artist led workshops.  Thanks to SVAF artists Victoria Granville, Amanda Hopkins, Carole Aston, Susanne Beard, Ann Bridges, Sue Evans and Rosalind Barker for their time and energy running the workshops..


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