Current Exhibition

‘A Museum for Ennigaldi’

Marilyn Kyle & Franny Swann

10 – 20 July 

PV and artists presentation – Thursday 11 July 6 – 8pm

Marilyn Kyle and Franny Swann are multi – media artists with a shared interest in installations. Individually they have installed work in National Trust houses, churches, churchyards, castles, public gardens and galleries. This is their first joint exhibition.

Ennigaldi –Nanna was a 6th Century BC Babylonian Princess, a High Priestess who served the moon god Sin, a daughter, sister, teacher, archaeologist and the world’s first museum curator. A hugely powerful and unusual woman, very little was known of her until the 19th century when the archaeologist Leonard Wooley excavated Babylon and Ur.

Still little known outside the archaeological world she remains an enigma.

Ennigaldi and her long lost world are intangible and mysterious.

This exhibition attempts to bring her out of the shadows by offering work that references her world and pays homage to a woman who should be more widely acclaimed and recognised as the world’s first Museum Curator.


Saturday 20 July 2 – 3.3o  Exhibition Tour

An exhibition tour – both the artists will be walking around the exhibition, answering questions, talking about their work, their research and the Ancient Mesopotamian world of Ennigaldi.

Open to the public, this event is family friendly and non academic. Everyone welcome.