Current Exhibition

Breathing Space                   An installation by Ruth Dent

Wednesday 9 January to Saturday 26 January 2019

Detail two panels from ’Serenade’

Evening preview and artist talk was on Thursday 10 January 6 to 8pm.    

Talk starts at 6.25pm.  Free.  All welcome.

We are pleased to welcome Ruth Dent in her first solo show at Kaleidoscope. Come in and experience ‘Breathing Space’ a  site-specific installation. Ruth has been developing this body of work over the last twelve months in both her French and English studios.

‘Breathing Space has been over a year in the making.

My work has evolved from my Visible, Invisible, Veiled body of work which explored natures broken grids.

I have changed the format and moved from squares to rectangles – long, thin and wide.

Trees, forests and walking in the woods remain essential influences.

Now I’m trying to draw different aspects together: elements of and meanings from the ancient ways, linked with Christianity and my experiences of places, including Cathedrals, Buddhist Stupas, Hindu Temples, Stone Circles, the Labyrinth at Chartres – always coming back to nature.

It’s my way of asking questions and trying to make sense of things, whilst celebrating life on earth.

And here’s the question I ask in relation to my current work:

Did cathedrals, temples, stupas and labyrinths originate in the forest?

Come and experience for yourself……..’      Ruth Dent