The FOOTFALL PROJECT Now – December 2018


Will be in the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery December 3rd 2018 – January 7th 2019

BE THE ARTIST its is all about YOU and Your SEVENOAKS Art and Sole

FOOTFALL is a FREE inclusive celebratory Art project for everyone until Christmas. There is still lots of time to join in.



A new selection of FOOTFALL shoes are exhibiting at The Stag Arts Centre Sevenoaks

October 21st – November 11th. Yours?

We are loving the ingenuity and creativity of your shoes arriving back at the Gallery .





WE ALL HAD FUN at the Halloween themed FAMILY WORKSHOPS for ‘FOOTFALL’ 



Tuesday 23rd October 1-3pm 

Wednesday 24th October 10am-12pm

The whole family can take part in this drop in craft event to celebrate the Footfall Project.

Come and decorate a slipper see it exhibited in the Gallery in the FOOTFALL magnificent show in the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery from 3rdDecember 2018 to 5 January 2019.
First floor at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Library, Gallery and Museum.
Suitable for age 3+                 
Completed Slippers need to be left in the Gallery for the Christmas exhibition, thank you.
Thank you to the pupils of Shoreham Village school for the Tim Burton themed slippers.


Many thanks to the families who attended the Children’s workshop on Saturday 4th August.

August 2018 and FOOTFALL is being supported by the Mayor Cllr Roderick Hogarth.



August 2nd Chronicle. High street shops are joining in and providing prizes for the FOOTFALL exhibition in December.

Thank you Sevenoaks Book shop and The Danish Collection.


The remit for SVAF running the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery as an artist led space has a focus on increasing numbers of the public and arts community visiting the Gallery space. Increasing its profile and visibility.

We aim to do this with a project about shoes and feet throughout the Kaleidoscope building, Gallery and the surrounding streets of Sevenoaks.

We would like to invite residents; schools, organisations, businesses and members of the community to be part of FOOTFALL by making a fabulous creative shoe or footprint.

We aim to fill the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery and building. Now making Art shoes with YOU until:

FOOTFALL  Exhibition of your shoes from  3rd December – 5th January

This project is yours:

Whatever your age if you are a resident or friend of Sevenoaks you can be part of FOOTFALL by making a shoe.  

The shoe could reflect who you are, your interests or what you do.

We have hundreds of new soft shoes to use as a starting point. What will you do with yours?

You can cut into it, add on to it, paint it, sew it, print on it, sculpt onto it. Let your imagination run riot


Look at making ideas in the Gallery lobby or you can do your own thing

Call in to the Gallery lobby and take a shoe.

If you run a business in or around Sevenoaks make a shoe that reflects your business. Sponsored shoes will have the business name and card/website linked.


Did YOUR shoe exhibit at The Stag Arts Centre 8th – July 28th. 

OR Your shoe can be made of anything in any size: paper, textile, paint, plaster, metal, plastic, print, wood, wool, glitter.


Paper shoes from the Gallery workshops








Shoes by pupils at Otford Primary School April 2018



Rub the bottom of your shoe using wax crayon, pencil etc on card or thick paper. Cut it out and bring it to the Gallery.


Draw round your shoe and decorate it. Any media, style or subject. A self portrait ? 

Cut it out and bring it into the Gallery.

We will add your shoe or footstep to the project, remember  to leave your name.

Paper shoes made by children at the first Easter workshop with SVAF artists Amanda Hopkins and Rozenn Gladwell.

Wet and dry felting by children at the second Easter workshop with SVAF artists Angela Dewar and Judy Balchin.

Launch exhibition of 

 Sevenoaks Art and Sole    March 21st – 7th April

Artists: Katie Hayward, Alison Swan, Jane Tyler, Jenny Dalton, Franny Swann, Judy Balchin, Amanda Hopkins,Rosalind Barker, Rose Brigand Colebridge,

Angela Carole Stocker, Sevenoaks Knit and Natter. The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Museum. YOU


Katie Hayward Installation for FOOTFALL ‘Concrete Feet’

In 2017 Katie Hayward’s took  concrete casts of over 70 pairs of student and teachers’ feet while she was artist in residence at Tonbridge School.
Hayward’s ‘A Sense of Place’  installation was exhibited in The  Tunnel Gallery in Tonbridge School in December 2017.

Reimagined for ‘Embracing The Underdog’ in Chinatown, London in February 2018 with The London Group and Friends.

We are excited to welcome Katie and see them installed at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery as ‘Concrete Feet’ 2018


Jane Tyler (Wall) Judy Balchin (Plinth)
Knit and Natter (Window) YOU (Wall)
Thank you to Sue Gosling curator at Kaleidoscope Museum
Amanda Hopkin
Franny Swann



















‘Feet of Clay’ Porcelain shoes by Alison Swan

Alison Swan is an artist fascinated by objects with a patina of age and wear, the scarred surfaces and disintegrating forms of which give rise to imagined histories. This is reflected in her ceramic practice through an exploration of surface texture, muted tone and mark-making. Her work is entirely hand-built and fashioned from thinly-rolled, high-fired porcelain and stoneware paperclays, sometimes decorated with oxides, slips or glazes. Her porcelain pieces in this exhibition are ghostly reminders of our journey through childhood and adolescence. The connotations of ‘feet of clay’ – our all too human frailty and fallibility.

FOOTFALL a celebratory Art project for everyone

 is all about YOU


Drop in and join us for the PV Thursday 5th April 4 30 – 7 30pm.

ALL AGES WELCOME to our FREE Easter Workshops


Wednesday 4th April Workshops

Join Artists Angela Dewar, Amanda Hopkins and Rozenn Gladwell to make paper shoes, felt shoe flowers or use arty sandals to draw with your feet.


Saturday 7th April Workshops.

Join Textile Artists Judy Balchin, Angela Dewar and Susanne Beard.

It is also LIBRARY FUN DAY so lots of activities throughout the Kaleidoscope Building.


             21st March – December 2018