Thank You?


If you have ever received a present you didn’t really want, you don’t have to shove it in the loft to gather dust – here is your chance to do something with it!  The Kaleidoscope gallery in Sevenoaks is running a festive flop swap shop called ‘Thank you?’ for unwanted gifts this Christmas and New Year.

Come along and delight in exchanging your own unwanted, unused gift for one of the unused gifts on display.  Find out if your embarrassing junk is another’s treasure!  Don’t have a cupboard full of rejects in these challenging times, come and get something in return for it.

 But “Thank you?” is more than just a swap shop.  It’s an event that will give you the opportunity to reflect on gift giving and receiving and you will be invited to give your own contribution.  You can also use the smart gift-wrapping station before taking away your brand new present!

You can come along to the Grand Opening Swap from 5.00 until 8.00 on Thursday 20th December.   If you can’t make that, there are just three more opportunities to swap that unloved vase, jumper, cd, soap, biscuit tin, tiara, woolly hat for the vase, jumper, cd, soap, biscuit tin, tiara, woolly hat you have always wanted;  Saturday December 22nd, Saturday December 29th, Saturday January 5thbetween 11.00 and 2.00 at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks Library, Buckhurst Lane.

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