Future Exhibitions

We have an exciting programme of exhibitions and events in 2019. 

‘Uncanny Spaces’.

23 October – 2 November

Sue Evans and Teddy Kempster


“Paintings, drawings and sculpture that explore the strangeness of familiar objects of home and spaces of the landscape and beyond.”

“Teddy Kempster and Sue Evans met over ten years ago while studying Fine Art. Their respective painting and textile practices have developed over the years and they are pleased to present new work on a favourite continuing theme.”

Saturday 2nd November 1 30 – 3 30

Join us for for tea and cake to meet the artists at their closing event.

A Centred Journey

6 – 9 November

Elaine Almond Abstract Artist

Alison Callway Glassmaker

Chris Taylor Woodmaker

Elaine, Alison and Chris have joined forces for the first time to present ‘A Centred Journey’. Each has a unique path into making art over the past few years and the exhibition of glass, paintings and woodworks show different aspects of that journey: physical effort, travel, mental resouces, emotional expression and a spiritual faith dynamic which we share.



Kilncarving (Glass) £20

Wednesday 6th November 1:30 – 3:30

Kiln-carving: Make a unique fused glass coaster

Wednesday 7th November 1.30-3pm £20

You will use the technique of kiln-carving to produce a design with a bas-relief effect in your finished coaster.

There will be opportunity to ask questions, learn about the properties of glass, and see how these are used to create different effects.

The workshop will not involve cutting glass.

Your coaster will be fired in a kiln and be ready for collection on Saturday 9th November.

Abstract Art £20

Saturday 9th November 1:30 – 3:30

Come and learn a little about abstract. Time to ask questions, start your first series of abstract paintings and have fun. You can’t go wrong!!
Materials (acrylic paint, paper etc) provided in a small group setting. 

To book workshops Email etalmond@aol.com

See more work by the artists:

Open door Art www.elainealmondart.com

Glass Act www.glassactme.com

Turnwood http://www.turnwood.co.uk