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Paper moths:

Whisper is the collective noun for moths and an English way of sharing something conspiratorially.

Our WHISPER Project 1 and 2 is the launch project to share with everyone that the Gallery is now run by SVAF and you are all welcome in this space.

SVAF decided to be Moth Ambassadors in answer to American artist, Hilary Lorenz’ open call for 40,000 moths from all round the World.




Image credit Hilary Lorenz   Linocut and Dry Point Hawks Moths

Hilary Lorenz has asked for black, white or grey paper moths (on matte paper) to be sent from all over the world for a show ‘Cross Pollination’,. in Albuquerque, New Mexico

DETAILS  for making UK School and Community USA migration paper Moths:

  • Color: No colour except black, white or grey, paper and or/ink only on one side.
  • Size: No larger than 6″ in height or width (15.25cm) and no smaller than 1″ (2.5cm). (Needs to fit A4 envelope)
  • Paper weight can be variable, from about 30g/m to 270g/m. (Bare in mind postage costs)
  • Matte paper only please – No Glossy Paper – No “printer paper”.
  • Species:Any moth of your choosing. I encourage your regional moth.
  • Mediums: Drawing, Cut paper, Linocut, lithography, Etching, Laser cut, Silkscreen, Letterpress, no photograph no digital prints, no computer print outs.
  • When in doubt keep image plain and simple
  • Moth shapes must be cut out off their background paper.
  • Please add your: Your name plus Sevenoaks, Kent, UK and SVAF onto the back (Capitals please). If you have drawn an accurate real moth name the species.
  • Your moth does not need to look like the real thing you can be expressive.

Would you like to join in?

We hope you will, with best wishes,

Rosalind, Susan and all the members of SVAF

SVAF at The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery.

Bring or send your moths to http://svaf.co.uk/contact/

Useful web sites connected to ‘Whisper’: We will begin posting moths on SVAF social media as they arrive at the Gallery from April 11th. 

You can also post your moths on https://www.facebook.com/groups/mothmigrationproject/?fref=nf Hilary Lorenz ‘Cross Pollination’ Facebook page

Sevenoaks UK




Documentation by Hilary Lorenz : All locations and connections to people will be documented in the USA on paper and appear on Hilary Lorenz website. A text sheet and diagram with all participants will accompany the installation.

 “I was invited to create an installation for the exhibition titled, “Cross Pollination.” Curated by Valerie Roybal, with assistance from Claude Smith and independent curator Aimee Gwynne Franklyn at 516Arts, Albuquerque, NM. Cross Pollination refers to how insects and other creatures pollinate plant life, but also to the cross pollination of ideas in art and science. I want to create an artwork using moths, nocturnal pollinators, as the vehicle for the cross-pollination and systematic exchanges between people.

Anyone from around the world may participate by making paper cut out moths. Moth will be cataloged and attached to gallery walls and ceiling in a giant geographically accurate web. This web will trace the origin location to every participating person. The moths will “fly out” from Brooklyn, NY and “fly” from city to state to country tracing the “migration” pattern of people’s participation.”

Hilary Lorenz





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