Negative Space

March 18 – 28

Negative Space is a collaboration by final year BA fine art students from the University of Kent, curated by Lydia Carda. 

With the use of 2D and 3D media, the exhibition explores the many connotations of negative space, from the physically devoid, to the use of contentious publicity.

Exhibiting Artists: Lydia Carda / Anna Goodwin / Gemma Hayter / Alex Jones / Libby Strutt.

Curated by Lydia Carda

The Private View Wednesday 18 March is CANCELLED due to COVID-19

Lydia Carda

Carda is a visual artist with a special interest in sculpture, installations and abstract painting. She is inspired by human condition and social issues. For this exhibition she has chosen to work with delicate and fragile materials to express loss, memory and the journey of the neglected and less privileged.

Anna Goodwin

Using 2D and 3D media, Goodwin works with the idea of inhabited or previously occupied space. Exploring traces of the past, and how material and emotional bonds established through life choices, both restrict and enable to create present and future identity.

Gemma Hayter

Hayter takes on a pop art inspired collection of artworks that explore women’s portrayal in the media using collage, magazines and graphics. Taking smaller snippets from magazines and looking at the oversexualized poses and positions models are made to photograph in. A deconstruction of images from magazines and newspapers to distort the image and explore the female form. A beautiful monstrosity.

Alex Jones

Jones’ paintings take motifs from the urban environment and reconfigures them within a language of abstract works.

Libby Strutt

The starting point of Strutt’s practice is language through an engagement with the materials into glass and paper relief.

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