BABIES IN LOCKDOWN      NICOLA FLOWER Mezzanine Exhibition Space


 12 – 22 July 2023   Textile and text art works.

For the past two years I have been Lead Visual Artist with Playground working with babies and children across Kent, this has given me an insight into the effect the Covid – 19 pandemic had on parents and families with a newborn baby during this time.

In 2021 HM Government reported parental loneliness and loss of social connections had a negative impact on emotional well being and that babies born during Lockdown were significantly affected by the pandemic with no or limited social contact other than their immediate families.

I talked to parents and carers about giving birth in Lockdown and the weeks that followed as they adjusted to being a new family. This work focus’s on carers reflections and memories from their unique experience during Lockdown.Nicola Flower Babies in Lockdown Kaleidoscope Art gallery

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