May 22nd – 1st June

A Contemporary Art Show by students from The University of Kent

Private View Thursday May 23rd 18:00 – 20:00

You are all welcome to join us for refreshments

Lidia Carda, Anna Goodwin, Gemma Hayter, Alex Jones, Jennifer Kingston-Lee, Annie Pryer-Coppins, Brooke Steadman, Libby Strutt, Zophani Watts, Lilly Weedon-Borg, Ali Westcott.

Lidia Carda
Carda’s practise makes bodily casts using delicate materials to explore the ephemeral nature of the human body.

Anna Goodwin
Goodwin deals with perceptions of the figure, exploring scale, shape and negative space.

Gemma Hayter 
Hayter works with recycling to explore colour expression and create an abstract landscape.

Alex Jones 
Jones’ paintings take motifs from the urban environment and reconfigures them within a language of abstract works.

Jennifer Kingston-Lee 
Kingston-Lee works with ideas of authenticity, taking isolated compositions from gestural mark making and translating them into delicate paintings.

Annie Pryer-Coppins
Pryer-Coppins uses the term ‘relational aesthetics’ as a basis for her interactive and immersive artworks.

Brooke Steadman
Steadman overtly uses a medley of symbolism from the digital world such as online games and social media and imbed it into her expressive paintings of women from contrasting eras. She reconfigures the ‘image’ of women.

Libby Strutt
The starting point of Strutt’s practice is language through an engagement with the materials into glass and paper relief.

Zophani Watts
Watts works with found motifs that are transformed into vibrant geometric abstractions.

Lilly Weeden-Borg
Weeden-Borg creates expressive contemporary portraits and manipulates emotions using colour and form. 

Ali Westcott

Westcott’s painting practice takes as its starting point bodies in motion and dancers to create abstract compositions.

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