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TEXTILE STUDIO     ‘Threads of Colour’

The Textile Studio is a group of artists whose passion is experimenting with a wide variety of textile-related media. Their work includes hand and machine stitching, feltmaking, fabric printing, dyeing and other techniques, reflecting their individual approach to textile art.

The group was originally formed more than 40 years ago and, over that time, has included many textile artists from South London and Kent. There are currently 18 members, many of whom also belong to various other textile groups, with which they exhibit locally, nationally or internationally.

Textile Studio members aim to produce original contemporary work and have always been eager to use different materials and try out new techniques, though some have developed a recognisable style in their chosen media. Design is an important element of members’ work, as is sharing ideas and learning from others in the group or in the wider textile world.

The Textile Studio has exhibited regularly at a wide range of venues in London and the South East. In recent years, the principal exhibition venue has been the Stables Gallery at Hall Place in Bexley and the group will be returning there from 15th September to 15th October 2017, following their exhibition at the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery.

Meet the artist event 11 – 12 30 on Thursday 3rd August.


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‘The world that my paintings portray is inhabited by animal-faced, anthropomorphic figures who are all different in appearance and are all composite – made up of both animal and human parts. The figures, self-conscious of their appearance, don masks. It is unclear however if the masks conceal or express. Although the figures in the paintings live in their own world, they are aware of the viewers looking in and judging them. They look at the viewer as if to say, ‘What are you looking at? Is this right, or is this wrong?’ It is up to you as a viewer to decide.

 The closeness of the figures allows for their imperfections to be seen. I do not conceal the imperfections of the figures, instead I deliberately present them as flawed. This approach is mirrored in my artistic practice, where mistakes are embraced rather than concealed.

The deliberate imperfections of the paintings are essential in allowing the figures and the world they inhabit to feel real’   Sabrina Shah July 2017

Sabrina studied at Brighton University and was selected for The Royal Drawing School Post Graduate Year 2010.

Shortlisted for The John Moores Painting Prize 2010 and The Marmite Painting Prize 2012. She exhibits in Europe and London.

Sabrina will have the first SVAF solo pop up exhibition.

Five days where the Gallery is used as a venue for exhibiting work but also as a period to reflect and review her painting practice.

Sabrina will be discussing her paintings on July 20th 6-8pm at our SVAF meeting and everyone is welcome.


CHEERS? was curated by Rosalind Barker






5th – 15th July 2017 


The Annual Exhibition by the artists of Sevenoaks Art Club (Established 1901)



Including ‘The Mind Wall’ a collection of small canvases at £10 each, in aid of the Sevenoaks Art Club selected charity for 2017, Sevenoaks MIND

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20th June – 1st July 2017  Sevenoaks Camera Club Annual Exhibition


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Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 13.43.17         CATCHING A NAP, DELHI by Brian Tabor

‘The Lady in Red’ by Mark Charrington                                     ‘CATCHING A NAP, DELHI’ by Brian Tabor

Lunchtime                                          KCC In partnership with logo web

‘Lunchtime’ by Gyula Magyar





19 May to 26 May 2017Uncommon GroundKent University FDFA

Uncommon Ground is a contemporary art exhibition of diverse work by fine art students studying at the University of Kent.

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The artists exhibiting are James Abbott, Michael Ashby, Maryanne Bakker, Debbie Clark, Alanna Coppard, Alison Doherty,

Louise Draper, Daniel Huckfield, Siana Kohler, Nathan Selvendran and Alison Sweidan.

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3rd May to 11 May 2017


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