‘postscript’ 18th July – 4th August 


Private View 26th July

A postcript is: an afterthought, a thought occurring after a letter has been written, a note or series of notes appended to a completed letter, article or book, an addition to a finished story, account or statement which gives further information, a programming language….and so much more. It also alludes to the group of postgraduates exhibiting in this show, all  ‘off script’ from any academic restrictions.

One only has to think of all the famous postscripts made by the infamous in letters and books to get the imagination spinning and this is exactly what eleven postgraduate students from West Kent’s University Centre’s FAPD (Fine Art Professional Development) course have executed in this contemporary art exhibition.

Studying their independent practices under the guidance of James Brooks and Sam Herbert each postgraduate student has interpreted the meaning of the word ‘postscript’ into a fine art visual language.

The group, which includes emerging artists, current tutors and ex-tutors of the college, has each taken inspiration from different sources including language; the historical, environmental and natural; news stories; motherhood and feminism; fashion, consumerism and objects of everyday use amongst other original interpretations.

Works on display will include glass-work, printing and collage, textile art, painting, installation work, sculpture and photography.

Exhibiting artists:

Jane Cordery                                       Jenny Dalton

Kit Forrest                                           David Gibson

Rozeen Gladwell                                Sonia Griffin

Frederique Jones                                Sam King

Stephen Pink                                       John Stewart

Maria Turner





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