What If I…? HB Drawing

HB Drawing                       

20 September – 21 October 2023

What if I …?

Where do artists get their ideas?

See how invisible connections create new work.

What if I….

…did an MA in drawing?

…met some likeminded artists all addicted to drawing?

…formed a group?

…started collaborating; walking to draw?

…visited Museum and Gallery archives with them?

…joined residency programmes here and in Europe as a group?

…exhibited in group shows?

The theme for this show is the collective HB Drawing, and how we have supported each other and developed over the years since graduating from the MA Drawing programme at Wimbledon College of Art.

We believe that working together provides us with new experiences, new insights, continuing learning and, of course, fun! This all feeds into our individual practices but not necessarily in a straight line.

This exhibition aims to show you what is often invisible: how one thing leads to another; how an idea that occurs to us in one context eventually pops up in our work; how sometimes we only realise how an idea percolated through when we look back at our work.

Caroline Holt-Wilson


We welcome you to drop in for a chat, tea and cake.

 Exhibiting artists: Rosalind Barker / Su Bonfanti / Janine Hall / Caroline Holt-Wilson

Ruth Richmond / Caragh Savage / Andrew Youngson

Andrew Youngson
Ruth Richmond De-Forestation 1

Janine Hall X – graphite on paper

Caragh Savage  Lilith
Su Bonfanti
Be side finished 01

HB Drawing was formed by a group of artists who met on the MA Drawing programme at Wimbledon College of Arts to help us sustain our practice. We use drawing in different ways but it is at the heart of our shared practice. 

We aim to support each other by working together regularly on collaborative projects and by organising group shows, residencies and other activities. By sharing this flow of ideas and opportunities we continue to expand our areas of research and practice.



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