The SVAF OPEN 2021 

The SVAF OPEN 2021 

1st December – 8 January 2022

Adam Green / Alison Berry / Amanda Hopkins / Andrea Coltman / Angie Stocker / Angela Dewar / Ann Bridges / Bea Das / Beverley Johnson, / Bill Hall / Caroline Bugby / Caroline Gould / Cherie Lubbock / Christa Corner / Christina France / Colin Anderson / David Minton / Deborah Ravetz / Derek Medhurst / Di Drummond / Diana Poliak / Dione McKenna / Donald Smith / Elaine Almond / Emily Glass / Franny Swann / Frederique Jones / Ginny Legg / Jackie Gwyther / Jennifer Blackwell / Jill Goldsworthy / Jocelyn Bailey /  Julian Rowe / Juliet Simpson / Kate Hasted / Klaudia Kobelentz / Linda Abrahams / Lindsay Connors / Louisa Crispin / Lydia Carda / Margaret Devitt / Maria Turner / Marilyn Garwood / Marilyn Kyle / Martin Garwood Martin Jacobs / Niki Campbell / Peps Barkhan /Polly Hosp / Richard Heys / Rob Leighton / Roger Lee / Rosalind Barker / Rose Brigland Colbridge / Rowena McWilliams / Ryan Poliak / Sally Eldars / Sarah Cliff / Sarah Spence / Sarah Walker / Sonia Griffin / Sue Evans / Sue Taylor-Lowen / Sue Vass / Venetia Nevill  Victoria Granville / Victoria Lucas Roberts / Wendy Jones

Private View December 1 st
The SVAF OPEN 2021 Installation view


Reflecting the variety of members’ practice ‘The SVAF OPEN 2021’ sees a showcase of drawing, textile, painting, print, installation, and sculpture. We are delighted that sixty-eight of our artists elected to exhibit this year. This OPEN is a true open and is nonselective; all members were invited to show their work. SVAF has flourished in the wobbly Art world of the last eighteen months. While we were unable to congregate in our Gallery home, we grew our presence on social media and hosted two virtual exhibitions attracting an increase in membership.

SVAF would like to thank Rosalind Davis artist, curator, writer, designer, consultant, teacher and mentor for travelling from London to select the SVAF award winning artists David Minton, Julian Rowe, Rosalind Barker and Susan Evans.

What's my name? David Minton
What’s my name?            David Minton
Krasnodar Kra 1 Krasnodar Kra 11 Julian Rowe
     Krasnodar Kra 1                                                                         Krasnodar Kra 11                      Julian Rowe

SVAF OPEN 2021 Catalogue


The Peoples Choice Award
The Public Choice Vote was counted just before the 5th January 2022 SVAF meeting. Thanks to the hundreds of people who voted. The three artists who led the field were so close in voting numbers we decided to award 3 prizes. Congratulations to Andrea Coltman who won the £100 cash prize with The Way They Were. Angela Stocker with 2020 Vision and Jackie Gwyther with Silver Birch had equal votes and only 2 votes behind Andrea. Both were awarded a £50 cash prize.

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